Wednesday , 17 January 2018
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Montessori Schools


The following is a list of all the montessori schools in Mississauga. ABC Montessori Private School Mississauga, ON 905-568-8989 Apple-Wood Rainbow Montessori School Mississauga, ON 905-274-2321 Bright Scholars Montessori Mississauga, ON 905-501-0436 Brilliant Minds Montessori Schools Mississauga, ON 416-708-3981 Children’s Palace Montessori Mississauga, ON 905-823-3317 Clarkson Montessori Mississauga, ON 905-891-1390 Credit Valley Montessori School Mississauga, ON 905-821-3311 Discovery Montessori Mississauga, ... Read More »

Investors: Go Where There is Growth!


Growth forecasts are really interesting. There is so much that goes into producing these graphs and figures, and so many individuals base EVERYTHING on them. Today I want to talk about Mississauga growth forecasts – YES, they exist AND they’re in the public domain! So what information do they provide? The forecasts were actually completed in 2008 and they provided ... Read More »

The Economic Impact of Parking Lots


I’m a big podcast listener. One of my FAVOURITE podcasts is the ‘Freaknomics’ podcast. I think it’s simply awesome and really makes you think. A few episodes ago the two creators had a podcast on parking lots. Now, I know what you’re thinking….PARKING LOTS!? But bear with me here. So, the underlying theory is that by having parking lots in an ... Read More »

Mississauga’s Strategic Plan – Part 2


As a follow up from yesterday's blog post regarding the "Move" pillar, I'd like to briefly talk about the "Belong" Pillar. The basic premise of this is to bring a stronger sense of community and help to those that need the necessary services. Here are some of the major things that Mississauga has either brought about or will bring about: Computer Centre Opens ... Read More »

Mississauga’s Strategic Plan – Part 1


Mississauga is up to something big. Very big. It's now been five years since the City of Mississauga launched a groundbreaking public engagement project called 'Our Future Mississauga'. The community created an exciting vision for the city and in 2009 a bold 'Strategic Plan and Action Plan' was put into action. Rather than having one humongous blog post, I'm going to split the information ... Read More »

Mississauga Named Best Employers for New Canadians


How much of a win is this? The 2013 Best Employers for New Canadians special designation recognizes Mississauga for offering programs that assist new Canadians/Immigrants transition to new life in Canada. What’s EVEN cooler? This is the THIRD YEAR RUNNING that Mississauga has achieved this status. This is HUGE and goes EXACTLY with what we’ve been saying for a while ... Read More »

[GUEST POST] What are the Closing Costs in Mississauga?


The following is a guest blog post by our good friends at Toronto’s real estate market may have slowed compared to the first half of 2012, but Mississauga’s market remains very active. In fact, Mississauga recently saw near double-digit growth, as the average selling price increased by 9.5 per cent to $508,643 in May 2013 from May 2012. With ... Read More »

If you’ve hired the RIGHT realtor, you shouldn’t have to do research!


OPEN BROWSER –> ENTER URL –> G-O-O-G…OK STOP RIGHT THERE. Every so often we have a visitor to the website that asks for our advice concerning the best schools in Mississauga. Now, that’s a common occurrence, a request we deal with multiple times a day. However, this visitor is very unique (and not in the good way). They are reaching ... Read More »


canadian flag-Stock video JPEG

Canada was a country that I visited way back in 1995 and I absolutely fell in LOVE with it. Everything was so NEW, BRIGHT…and SHINY. England, on the other-hand was was wet, old and aged. But it was home. And it was the country I was born in. Canada though…wow…Canada’s AIR gave you confidence. You could just tell even back ... Read More »

Our Top 5 Neighbourhoods in Mississauga


Mississauga – what does this City NOT have? An awesome Mayor, an awesome transit system (It has its OWN highway!), amazing and well-educated people, home to multi-national companies, amazing schools…..Oh…Btw…Did I mention Pearson International is in Mississauga?! There are TONNES of reasons to live in Mississauga and here are our Top 5 neighbourhoods: 5) Churchill Meadows One of the newest neighbourhoods of ... Read More »

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