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Mississauga’s Neighbourhoods: Port Credit

Mississauga’s Neighbourhoods: Port Credit

Welcome to Port Credit!

This is the sixteenth segment of a 19-part blog-series that showcases Mississauga's unique commmunities. We realized that a lot of our clients are coming from outside Mississauga, and while knowing the top schools is important, they have asked for more information about the individual communities these schools reside in and the real estate available. This is an important criteria not lost on us as finding a neighbourhood that fits your lifestyle is extremely important. We've already ranked the communities based on school zones (which you can find here), so now we're taking a little bit of time to get to know our communities. Next up: Port Credit!

Q & A Time…

Where is Port Credit located?
Port Credit runs along the Lakeshore from just west of Mississauga Rd to just south of the Cawthra and down to Lake Ontario. It boasts easy access to Toronto and attractive bordering communities of Mineola, Lorne Park and Lakeview.

What's the Population of Port Credit

What's the ethnic mix of Port Credit?
The 5 most prevalent ethnicities in Port Credit are: 14% Canadian, 14% English, 8% Polish, 7% Scottish, and 5% Italian.

What is the average value of a Semi-Detached home in Port Credit?
The average value of a semi-detached home in Port Credit is $758,657.*

What is the average value of a Detached home in Port Credit?
The average value of a detached home in Port Credit is $730,000.*

How old are the homes in Port Credit?
The majority, 54%, of homes in Port Credit are between 25-50 years old. 35% are older than 50 years and the remaining 12% are under 25 years old (although most of those would be custom-built homes). 

What are the Best Schools in Port Credit?
The highest ranked elementary school is #26-ranked Forest Avenue. Its neighbour, Riverside, comes in at #54. At the high school level, Port Credit S.S. ranked #8/15 and boasts two of Mississauga's special programs in Sci-Tech and Strings.

*Based on available homes under $1 million.

Final Thoughts on Port Credit

Port Credit is another one of Mississauga's older Lakeshore communities. Many consider the City Centre to be the "downtown" of Mississauga, but we believe that Port Credit should hold that title. While the City Centre more closely mirrors Toronto's Financial District, Port Credit is the entertainment district of Mississauga. With its beautiful waterfront and streets lined with shops and restaurants, Port Credit is a great place to bring the family or have a night out with friends. The community itself is small with only ~11,000 residents and housing is not abundant. With a mix of rental apartment, condos, older bungalow-stlye homes, and multi-million dollar properties, Port Credit really does have it all.

In terms of the school zone, Port Credit fairs adequately in Mississauga. #26-ranked Forest Avenue is your best bet in the area and if you have a child interested in Sci-Tech or music, Port Credit S.S. offers these special programs to hone your child's unique skills.

To find out more about Port Credit, simply contact us and we'll respond right away!

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