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Q & A: Pre-Construction Condos & Deposit Structures

streetsville residences

Q: For pre-construction condo purchases, what is the typical payment schedule like?                                                                                                 ... Read More »

Q & A: Which single school boundary is the best?


This blog-post is a continuation of the Q&A series. I was asked the following question by Lalit R. (thanks, Lalit!) Q1. Whats a commuter friendly neighborhood that has primary and secondary schools with 9+ scores and still accessible to downtown TO via public transportation It’s not surprising that I get asked this a LOT. Mississauga is a HUGE City made ... Read More »



HOT condos by Great Gulf has been a huge success. And to be fair it was no surprise. First of all, Great Gulf is an awesome builder with a huge reputation and so you can only expect the very best in quality. Second, the location (Central Erin Mills) is spectacular with TONNES of amenities and services all within a short ... Read More »

Schools on the Rise in Mississauga – Part 1


To go along with our Top Schools in Mississauga reports, we've compiled the data on schools that have shown very strong, positive trends in the past 5 years. Let's take a look at one elementary, middle, and secondary school that we feel are on the rise in Mississauga. Elementary Schools on the Rise School: Credit Valley Public School Neighbourhood: Central Erin Mills Ranking: #11 out ... Read More »

Thomas Street Middle School – Review & Ranking

thomas street

Thomas Street Middle School  Interested in finding out how Thomas Street Middle School ranked against the rest of the schools in Mississauga? Check out the complete school information and analysis below. Overall Ranking: #4 out of 19 Family of Schools Ranking: John Fraser (#2 out of 15) EQAO Results 2011-2012:  76% (PDSB average = 67.6%): Grades: 6 – 8 Enrollment: ~815 French Immersion: No School Hours: 8:30am – 2:30pm  Neighbourhood: Central ... Read More »

John Fraser Secondary School – Review & Ranking


John Fraser Secondary School  Interested in finding out how John Fraser Secondary School ranked against the rest of the schools in Mississauga? Check out the complete school information and analysis below. Overall Ranking: #1 out of 16 Family of Schools Ranking: John Fraser (#1 out of 15) Fraser Results 2010-2011:  8.2/10 Grades: 9 – 12 Enrollment: ~1400 French Immersion: No School Hours: 8:25am – 2:31pm Neighbourhood: Central Erin Mills Average Neighbourhood ... Read More »

Mississauga’s Neighbourhoods: Central Erin Mills

The Erin Mills Town Centre is one of the major landmarks in Central Erin Mills right next to #1-rated John Fraser and St. Aloysius of Gonzaga high schools.

This is the second segment of a 19-part blog-series that showcases Mississauga's unique commmunities. We realized that a lot of our clients were coming from outside Mississauga, and while knowing the top schools is important, they have asked for more information about the individual communities these schools reside in and the real estate available. This is an important criteria not ... Read More »

What’s the Rent? Top School Zone Rental Prices


All parents want to place their children in the best possible schools. However, what's it going to cost them…in rent? A breakdown of the rental prices in some of Mississauga's top school zones is presented below. These areas were chosen as a representative sample of not only the top school zones, but what's available in terms of Mississauga real estate. I ... Read More »

Mississauga Schools with Full-Day Kindergarten in 2012-2013


You are planning to make a move to Mississauga, but are trying to determine what you can afford by taking a look at your monthly expenses. First of all, congratulations, you've taken the right first step – you are sitting down and determining EXACTLY what you can afford. One of the biggest expenses for a young family is the cost ... Read More »

Mississauga’s Top 5 Most Improved Catholic Elementary Schools

st mark

Headlines are normally dominated by top ranked schools, and therefore, parents are always asking us to help find them a home in those schools' communities. We have been happy to do so and will continue to, but let's not forget that some of those schools were not always considered "top-ranked". With that in mind, I decided to forage through the ... Read More »

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