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Mississauga’s Best Catholic Schools – FREE REPORT INSIDE!


For the last few years, the team at iMississauga Real Estate has dedicated a lot of time and effort into really understanding what the real estate consumer wants – someone who understands their needs completely and thoroughly. We are so proud that we have been able to help HUNDREDS of families settle AND re-settle in their new homes and neighbourhoods. ... Read More »

What Came First: The School or The Home?


The Age-Old Question We've spoken with countless people, most of whom expressed regret, that came to us seeking advice on their children's education. Most of these requests surround the fact that they have already purchased a home and are now wondering what school their children will go to. Often times, they are less than thrilled with the outcome. They ask ... Read More »

What’s the Rent? Top School Zone Rental Prices


All parents want to place their children in the best possible schools. However, what's it going to cost them…in rent? A breakdown of the rental prices in some of Mississauga's top school zones is presented below. These areas were chosen as a representative sample of not only the top school zones, but what's available in terms of Mississauga real estate. I ... Read More »

What School System Should I Choose For My Children – Catholic or Public?


This post isn't about what school system is better or the debate about publicly funded Catholic schools. Those are issues that have long been debated and no clear answer seems to be arising from either. Instead, let's take a look at the reality of the situation in Mississauga and determine, based on neighbourhood, which system might be more advantageous for ... Read More »

UPDATED – Mississauga’s Best Catholic Elementary & Secondary Schools


Here are the latest 2010-2011 school rankings for Mississauga's best Catholic elementary and secondary schools. For previous rankings, click here. The Fraser Institute is a group that looks at various factors and comes up with a "Score" out of 10 to rate each school. A score of 7.0 or above is considered Very Good. Using these rankings, we can put ... Read More »

Mississauga’s Top 5 Most Improved Catholic Elementary Schools

st mark

Headlines are normally dominated by top ranked schools, and therefore, parents are always asking us to help find them a home in those schools' communities. We have been happy to do so and will continue to, but let's not forget that some of those schools were not always considered "top-ranked". With that in mind, I decided to forage through the ... Read More »

**UPDATED** Top 10 Public Schools In Mississauga for 2011 – The Latest EQAO Results

Kenollie PS (3)

Mississauga's TOP 10 Elementary Schools have been updated to reflect the current year. Simply fill in the form below to instantly receive your FREE TOP SCHOOLS REPORT! A few things to keep in mind before considering these rankings: My main source is the EQAO results collected and published by the government of Ontario. It is by far the most accurate ... Read More »

Mississauga’s Best Elementary & Secondary Catholic Schools


Mississauga's TOP 10 Elementary Schools have been updated to reflect the current year. Simply fill in the form below to instantly receive your FREE TOP SCHOOLS REPORT! Purchasing a home in a new neighborhood or city is a big decision. One of the most important factors in choosing a specific area is the quality of school. We have already discussed ... Read More »

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