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Valentines Day Competition: How Many “Suites”?

Amit& and it's sister website, are pleased to announce our Valentines Day Competition for 2011.

All you need to do is guess how many cinnamon hearts (suites/sweets) are in the "Cinnamon Towers"for your chance to win:

$100 dinner at the 360 Restaurant (CN Tower) !

Now, a word from the developer about this magnificant new project:

Cinnamon Towers will sit atop the old Steamwhistle Factory by the Rogers Centre and CN Tower. The Steamwhistle Brewery will be incorporated into the development by giving the residents unlimited access to the brewery.


1) Simply guess how many Cinnamon Heart "Suites" are in the towers. Closest without going over wins! In the event of a tie, a tie-breaker will be held.

2) Contest ends Friday, February 11th, 2011 @ 5:00PM. The winner will be announced by 7:30PM on the the same day and and will also be notified via phone/e-mail.

3) One guess per person. If you wish to change your guess, your very last guess will be taken. If you guess on both websites, again, your very last guess will be taken!

4) The prize is a $100 dinner at the 360 Restaurant (CN Tower). We can make the Valentines Day reservations if you wish! Otherwise gift certificates will be issued.

5) HOW TO ENTER: Simply leave your guess as a comment below, on our facebook fanpage, a tweet to @talkcondo / @amitandroy, OR shoot us an e-mail at

6) If you know of anyone looking to buy or sell real estate, we'd love your referral's :-)

7) Contest only available to residents of Canada.


About Amit Bhandari

In 1982 a couple had a child that was kept in hospital until he was given the all-clear to go home. As soon as it was given, these parents promptly escaped from a maximum security hospital to the Nottingham (England) underground. Today, Amit is wanted for his expertise in real estate within top school boundaries. Suffering through a recession 2008, Amit survives as a Realtor of fortune. If you have a problem, and if no one else can help, maybe you can hire Amit Bhandari.


  1. My guess is 1501.



  2. Hi there,
    My guess is 4216!
    Ryan Brailsford

  3. Interesting! Keep ’em coming!!!

  4. 3620 (“,)

  5. I guess….7600

  6. hmmm 6000?

  7. I guess 8,721. Thanks!

  8. 5,000 hearts!

  9. 5,001 hearts!

  10. 3789 hearts…

  11. My Guess: 3749

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