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Mississauga’s Best Elementary & Secondary Schools For 2011-2012

Mississauga’s Best Elementary & Secondary Schools For 2011-2012

Mississauga's TOP Schools have been updated to reflect the current year. Simply fill in the form below to instantly receive your FREE TOP SCHOOLS REPORT!

For many families, one of the most important factors when deciding to buy real estate is the quality of the school that their children will be attending. In Mississauga, the Peel District School Board sets very strict boundaries for its schools. This means that the street you live on could decide the difference between your child attending a top-ranked school versus an average or poorly rated school. Because of this, there are various neighbourhoods that are highly sought after based on the quality of the schools. Unfortunately, there is not a great deal of information available to the general public that says which schools are good, and perhaps more importantly, which schools are bad.

A great resource when determining the quality of the school is the Fraser Institute, a group that looks at various factors and comes up with a "Score" out of 10 to rate each school. A score of 7.5 or above is considered Very Good. Another great resource is the EQAO results that show how the schools grade in three key areas: Reading, Writing, and Math.

We've added up the scored out of 300% (% of students at or above provincial standards in each category) to calculate the score for both the primary division (P), which are Grade 3s, and junior division (J), which are Grade 6s. For the secondary schools, the Grade 9 EQAO Math results were used (out of 100%) for the "academic" stream. The "academic" stream is for those students on course for university/college after secondary school.

Note* Fraser Rankings exclude schools that only go up to Grade 5. A separate, and updated, review of the EQAO results is NOW AVAILABLE BELOW!

If you are considering purchasing a home in Mississauga and wish to learn more about the schools, then please contact us.

Top 10 Elementary Schools (Peel District School Board – Fraser Institute Ranking)

1 Kenollie Public School 9.4 P=284%, J=263% Mineola $939,263*
2 Plum Tree Park Public School 8.5 P=248%, J=268% Meadowvale $453,958*
3 Floradale 8.1 P=237%, J=270% Cooksville $650,566*
4 Sheridan Park Public School 8.0 P=244%, J=266% Sheridan $799,859*
5 Forest Avenue 7.9 P=221%, J=275% Port Credit $758,372*
6 Tecumseh Public School 7.7 P=224%, J=240% Lorne Park $1,108,830*
7 Mineola Public School 7.4 P=250%, J=226% Mineola $939,263*
8 Ellengale 7.4 P=238%, J=240% Erindale $555,653*
9 Sawmill Valley 7.1 P=220%, J=201% Meadowvale $453,958*
10 Settler's Green 7.1 P=231%, J=239% Meadowvale $453,958*

*Accurate as of May 2012

Top 10 Secondary Schools (Peel District School Board – Fraser Institute Ranking)

1 Lorne Park Secondary Scool 8.5 91% Lorne Park $1,108,830*
2 Cawthra Park Secondary School 8.3 89% Port Credit $758,372*
3 John Fraser Secondary School 8.2 89% Central Erin Mills $722,323*
4 Glenforest Secondary School 7.9 86% Applewood $563,742*
5 Gordon Graydon Memorial S.S. 7.9 94% Applewood $563,742*
6 Streetsville Secondary 7.6 89% Streetsville $580,575*
7 Stephen Lewis Secondary School 7.5 91% Churchill Meadows $551,465*
8 Rick Hansen Secondary School 7.4 85% East Credit $562,719*
9 Port Credit Secondary School 7.3 92% Port Credit $758,372*
10 The Woodlands Secondary School 7.2 85% Erindale $555,653*

*Accurate as of May 2012

This is just a snapshot of the information that we provide to our clients, and if you are interested in learning more about the schools before you make any decisions when buying Real Estate we encourage you fill in the information below to receive your FREE TOP SCHOOL REPORT!

About Amit Bhandari

In 1982 a couple had a child that was kept in hospital until he was given the all-clear to go home. As soon as it was given, these parents promptly escaped from a maximum security hospital to the Nottingham (England) underground. Today, Amit is wanted for his expertise in real estate within top school boundaries. Suffering through a recession 2008, Amit survives as a Realtor of fortune. If you have a problem, and if no one else can help, maybe you can hire Amit Bhandari.


  1. I need to find best elementary school & secondary school in one boundary because if i buy a house i should put my two kids in one school. pl give me the answer

  2. Hi Myron this is a great question! There are a lot of factors to look into. I will respond to you privately via e-mail.

  3. I’m interested in knowing more a about homes in Mississauga near to the best schools. Please can you provide information on home prices and other details with this requirement. Thanks.

  4. Hi Lisa,

    is there any specific information you are looking for?

  5. I need to find best elementary school & secondary school in one boundary, at the moment my kids are in Vista heights but due other factors we felt it would be best to move at this time. I either need a home in that district or the next best set of schools…please advise as to which "W" this would be as we would prefer to stay in Mississauga , Oakville and Milton are our other 2 choices but schools are also a factor…any help would be appreciated.
    Is there a map that divides the realestate boundaries and show which schools are in those boundaries and how they rank?

  6. hello Amit,

    please asssit me the best secondary school for my daughter, as we are ready to even relocate and truly speaking do not have clear vision to choose the good one.

    i appreciate your response on this.

  7. I need to find best elementary school & secondary school in one boundary bz I want to buy a house there. Can anybody tell that boundary/area and prices of 2br house.

  8. I need to find best elementary school & secondary school in one boundary because i want to buy a house there.

  9. Hi Amit: There are not many realtor websites that provide information regarding schooling – so, firstly, thanks a ton. I’m looking to move in to a Mississauga neighbourhood that is in a good school district. My daughter would start her schooling this year and we are looking to buy a home nearby a good school area. I have been searching through EQAO reports, CD Howe, and Fraser rankings and compiled a decent list but still couldnt zero in on a place. Pl advise. Thanks,

  10. Hi Skanda: Thank you so much for the kind words! I will get back to you via e-mail!

  11. Hi Amit,
    Do you happen to have a breakdown of population and visible minorities in Erin Mills and Port Credit?

  12. Hi Patrick! I can definitely see if I can get a hold of the information. More than likely you should be able to pick that information from StatsCan (Statistics Canada) but I’ll see what I can do.

  13. Hi Amit

    I would also like to find best elementary and secondary schools in one boundary. Could you help me? My fist idea was something aroud W20 but I’m open to W14 up to W20.

  14. Dear Mr Roy/Bhandari,
    I plan to give admission to my daughter at John Fraser School and would be able to help us in finding a two bed room apartment close to the school.


    Utpal Das

  15. Hi, Mr. Roy, why the famous credit valley primary school is not listed? as I know, it should be listed #3 in the list.

  16. Hi Julia!

    Thanks for the feedback! What are your top 5 schools? Hopefully we can get a discussion going :)


  17. Hi Amit,

    I need to find best elementary school & secondary school in one boundary for my kids so that I could buy a home there. Based on the Fraser rankings, we’ve narrowed down on a few, however we aren’t really sure whether the neighbourhood are equal good and friendly as well. We are open to moving anywhere in Missisuaga, hence please advise on what best options are available.

    Thanks, regards,

  18. Hey John!

    Thank you so much for visiting the site. I will respond to your query via e-mail.


  19. Hi Amit

    I wish to put my son in either John Freser Secondary school or in Stephen Luwis Secondary school. Want a 2 bdr house/apartment on rent. Evantually planning to buy a house. Wll be in Mississagua in Sept Ist week, can you advise pls.

  20. Hi Sen,

    Both choices are excellent – I will shoot you an e-mail.


  21. Hi.. I would like to know good high school in mississauga please..

  22. We are planning to move to Mississauga to rent/buy for a year or two. I need a good high school for my daughter and son. I was wonder if there is a good school that has a strong music program. We are hoping to rent a 3 bedroom in a newer building.
    Wondering if you had any suggestions. What are some good areas? Will be making this move next year.

  23. hey i am planing to moive to mississauga but i dont have any info about like can u give info about the town houses their and high schools which place is safe to live in coz i have 4 kids and am single mother like how much is the town house to rent or am planning to live in shelter at the pegging too us get the house so please reply as soon as possible thx allot

  24. We are planning to move to Mississauga in July 2012. I m looking to rent an 2+ den or 3 bedroom apartment/ townhome for the first year and then buy a townhome. I am looking at a very good school district in Mississauga.
    Please help me.

  25. Hey, i found ur web page very informative…im migrating to Canada in 3 months time and would appreciate if you could help me with a 2 bedroom apartment near the best schools uve mentioned.My priority is good elementary school for my 4 n 6 yr old child and also easy convenient access to the transit system.

  26. Hi Amit, 
    I am glad to come across \your website.  My Husband and I were  trying figure out what is the best way to change schools for our daughter.. She just turned 4 in April and I am not happy w/the school she is zoned for.  The one I want her to go to is a french immersion ( Barrondale Public School) closer to where we live… The  zoned school (cooksville creek Public school ) which my husband and myself really dont like that school at all for our daughter..  Is there any way possible way I can change her school to the french immersion school (Barondale Public School)…?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.. 
    Thank You 

  27. Hi Cklala,

    The Peel District School Board is very strict when it comes to school boundaries as each school sets its student population based on specific boundaries in order to control classroom sizes. Now, it would be possible to transfer your child into Barondale if they were attending the French Immersion program, however, those programs begin in Grade 1 and she is just beginning Kindergarten. I’ll touch base with you by email to go over other options. Thanks for your comment!

  28. Hi
    I am looking for best  elementry school in mississauga where i can  get an affordable accomodation too. Actually i am new immigrant but dont want to compromise with my sons study. Please give me good advice.

  29. Hi Sonia,

    Thanks for visiting the website and reaching out to us for advice on the best schools in Mississauga. Finding the right neighbourhood and school for your son is extremely important and we can certainly help point you in the right direction. A lot of that is going to come down to your affordability, needs, and flexibility. I will contact you via email to discussion your situation in greater detail.

  30. Hi,
    We are an Indian family coming over to Mississauga by Sep mid , which is the best place to settle down in  mississauga – Malton, Brampton , Streetsville ?  Which are the good public schools in the area for a Grade 5 student and is it easy to get admission to these schools and can u suggest some good and affordable town houses in the area? 

  31. Hi Benny, 

    Thanks for reaching out to us. First, it’s important to know that Brampton and Mississauga are two different, large suburbs of Toronto. And defining the “best” area to settle down in will depend on what you are looking for. For instance, if you’re looking at best schools, then Streetsville would be a better option than Malton, but Malton would be more affordable. I’ll answer in greater detail through email, but for now please visit for our FREE Top Schools Report. This will give you a better idea of the best schools in Mississauga.

  32. Hi
    I am looking for best  elementry /high school in one area in mississauga where i can  get an affordable accomodation too.  Please give me good advice.

  33. Hi Lee, 

    Thanks for visiting the site and reaching out to us. We’ve compiled the data and written a report about the Top 5 School Zones that we’ll be releasing shortly. For now, I encourage you to fill out the form on the bottom of that page or visit From there, you can download our Free School Report which will highlight the best elementary and high schools. I’ll also reach out to you personally to give you more advice. Thanks again!

  34. I am going to be moving into the area (Mississauga) and I am looking for advice on a great public school with 2 bedroom rentals in the boundary lines.
    Any information or suggestions is appreciated.

  35. Hi Glenda, 

    Thanks for visiting the site and reaching out to us. The best way to find out the best public schools in the city is to visit There you can download one of our FREE School Reports. I’ve also reached out to you personally to give you a bit more information on rentals in the city and what you would need to complete an application. 

  36. Dear Amit,
    I am travelling to Missisauga for 2 years on an assignment from India. I have 2 kids (currently in Std 9 & Std 3), Can you pls advise if there are good Goverment Public schools (Free) in town for their next stds Srd 4 & 10 ? Also how easy or difficult it is to get admission to those schools, as you know it required huge planning in India.
    Thanks in advance,
    Rgds, Hemant

  37. Dear Amit,
    1 more thing, also pls advise on the place & approx rent for a 2 BHK apt within boundarylines. Appreciate your response

  38. I need advise on a top

    middle school for my daughter, we plan to move to missisuaga in July and need a 3BKH on rent near a good school. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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