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Real Estate Around Mississauga’s Best Schools – Part 3

Real Estate Around Mississauga’s Best Schools – Part 3

What Are The Home Prices Around Mississauga's Best Schools?

This is the third and final part of our Top 10 Public Elementary Schools real estate value analysis. We've taken a look at the Top 7 schools and today we'll look at #8-10. Our next series of analysis will take a look at the Top 5 overall school zones and how it relates to real estate value. 

Below, I've created tables to reflect the average home values (asking price) of available homes in the neighbourhoods of Mississauga's Best Schools (#8-10). To note, simply being in the same neighbourhood as a top school doesn't get you into that school; you must then live within that school's boundary. To reflect what it might cost to own a home in that school's boundary, I've taken the average of prices of homes within that specific school. This way, you can see the difference between being in the same community and actually being IN the school zone. In some of the neighbourhoods, it can make quite a BIG difference.

Our analysis starts with Mississauga's #8 Public School – Owenwood P.S. Neighbourhood averages will reflect home values for under $1 million. For specific school boundary home values, we'll eliminate the highest and lowest values to try and reflect a more accurate average. 

#8 Owenwood P.S.

Clarkson/Lorne Park Avg. Neighbourhood Price Avg. School Boundary Price
Townhome $392,250 $373,000
Semi-Detached $396,038 N/A
Detached 3-beds $667,535 $987,967
Detached 4-beds $774,709 $2,300,000

Owenwood P.S. is in the ambiguous border of Clarkson/Lorne Park. While the Clarkson area is quite affordable, the school mainly finds its borders within the expensive Lorne Park. Your best bet of sneaking into the #1 overall Lorne Park school boundary, is to try and find a townhome near Lakeshore (just in front of the railway) or be ready to pony up the type of money that would also get you into Lorne Park.

#9 Whiteoaks P.S.

Lorne Park/Clarkson Avg. Neighbourhood Price Avg. School Boundary Price
Townhome (Condo) $450,000 $450,000
Semi-Detached $396,038 N/A
Detached 3-beds $667,635 $763,133
Detached 4-beds $774,709 $1,138,100

Whiteoaks might be the school zone that best reflects the available surrounding real estate in the entire community. While some of the multi-million dollar properties of bordering Lorne Park take the average higher for detached 4-bedrooms, there are quite a few options in this neighbourhood that are much more affordable. There are plenty of mature, detached, 3-bedrooms that not only put you in one of Mississauga's nicest neighbourhoods, but into one of its best schools.

#10 Hawthorn P.S.

Erindale Avg. Neighbourhood Price Avg. School Boundary Price
Townhomes N/A N/A
Semi-Detached $435,440 N/A
Detached 3-beds $555,700 $570,000
Detached 4-beds $600,925 $1,444,500

Hawthorn P.S. is the 2nd of our Erindale communities to make the top 10. The difference? This one is much more expensive to get into. The trend we're seeing in our top 10 is a mixture of smaller, more affordable housing that might be a bit more difficult to access because of availability along with the much more expensive million-dollar properties surrounding them. 

We hope you enjoyed our analysis, and stay tuned for more! As always, you can contact us using the form below or download our FREE School Report! 

Take a look at Parts ONE and TWO of our analysis. And, if you're interested in learning MORE about Mississauga's TOP SCHOOLS, simply fill in the information below and have your FREE TOP SCHOOLS REPORT emailed to you within seconds!

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