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Real Estate Around Mississauga’s Best Schools – Part 1

Real Estate Around Mississauga’s Best Schools – Part 1

Moving To A Better School Zone

We have many types of visitors to our site, but they all share one thing in common: they care deeply about the quality of education that their children are receiving. Many reach out to us to help them transition to Canada and many others are already homeowners looking to move their children into better school zones. This is often the first stage of their research and when they go looking for the answers, they find us. We, of course, are more than happy to provide all of this information and help guide their search.

Inevitably however, one of the biggest deciding factors in moving is affordability. And, through research we will soon release, we've found that there is a very strong positive correlation between rising home prices and quality of schools. What does that mean? Simply put, our research shows us that real estate value around top-ranked schools appreciates significantly more than low-ranked schools. Now, as a potential future homeowner in these areas that's a great thing (who doesn't love when their home appreciates more than the rest of the city's), but as someone looking to move into these areas there might be a higher cost of entry. However, once you're in, you stand to gain in the long-term, not only educationally for your children, but also financially. 

What Are The Home Prices Around Mississauga's Top Schools?

First, if you haven't already, please download our FREE School Report. There, you will be given special access to a detailed report of the top schools across Mississauga at all levels. For today's post, we're going to look at the Top 3 Public Elementary schools and home values around those areas. In subsequent blog posts, we'll take a look at the remaining 7 and then move on to middle and finally high schools.

Below, I've created tables to reflect the average home values (asking price) of available homes in the neighbourhoods of Mississauga's Top 3 Schools. To note, simply being in the same neighbourhood as a top school doesn't get you into that school; you must then live within that school's boundary. To reflect what it might cost to own a home in that school's boundary, I've taken the average of prices of homes within that specific school. This way, you can see the difference between being in the same community and actually being IN the school zone. In some of the neighbourhoods, it can make quite a BIG difference.

Our analysis starts with Mississauga's #1 Public School – Kenollie. Neighbourhood averages will reflect home values for under $1 million. For specific school boundary home values, we'll eliminate the highest and lowest values to try and reflect  a more accurate average.

#1 Kenollie P.S.

Mineola Avg. Neighbourhood Price Avg. School Boundary Price
Townhome N/A N/A
Semi-Detached N/A N/A
Detached 3-beds $698,987 $988,725
Detached 4-beds $737,180 $2,061,921

Naturally, we get a lot of inquiries about Kenollie P.S. However, as you can see, the price to get into this school can be quite high. Notice the difference in the neighbourhood average versus the actual school boundary average. While you can get into the same general community pretty reasonably, getting into the school boundary will cost close to $1 million AT THE MINIMUM. 

#2 Vista Heights P.S.

Streetsville Avg. Neighbourhood Price Avg. School Boundary Price
Townhome (Condo) $391,013 $444,633
Semi-Detached N/A N/A
Detached 3-beds $734,250 $902,333
Detached 4-beds $726,780 No Listings (2012 = $671,678)

Homes in this area are much older and with the school boundary being quite small, not too many homes come up for sale. If you are comfortable in older, mature homes (think bungalows) then you can find a pretty good deal in the #2-ranked Vista Heights. There's a large mix of large, expensive homes, but cozier more affordable bungalows can be had in the quiet and sought after Streetsville. Also, keep in mind if you have a child entering Grade 1 and you want to put them in French Immersion, the boundary becomes bigger.

#3 Plum Tree Park P.S.

Meadowvale Avg. Neighbourhood Price Avg. School Boundary Price
Townhome (Condo) $302,228 N/A
Semi-Detached $420,114 N/A
Detached 3-beds $496,425 $549,900
Detached 4-beds $555,026 $550,425

The pride of Meadowvale, Plum Tree Park is another small school boundary (starting to see a trend?). While there is lots of availability and affordability in Meadowvale, to get into Plum Tree Park you're going to have to look around the mid-500s for a detached home. The homes in this area are a bit older, but it's close to everything (including the Meadowvale Town Centre and Go Station) and there are lots of parks and trails to explore. It's quite a nice place for a young family who isn't into the cookie-cutter model of homes.

The Knowledgeable Buyer

What does our analysis mean for the average person that is looking to gain access to some of Mississauga's best neighbourhoods and schools? First, it means entering the process prepared and patient. When the opportunity arises, you, as the prepared and knowledgeable buyer, will be able to jump on the best opportunities. We're here to give you all the critical information you need to make a sound decision and help guide you through the entire process. 

Take a look at Parts TWO and THREE of our analysis. And, if you're interested in learning MORE about Mississauga's TOP SCHOOLS, simply fill in the information below and have your FREE TOP SCHOOLS REPORT emailed to you within seconds!

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Mike's strong analytical and marketing foundations make a him key guest contributor to the website. Combined with his knowledge of all things Mississauga, Mike's thoroughness provides prospective homeowners with the wide-ranging information and perspective they need during an otherwise emotional process.

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