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Q & A: Which single school boundary is the best?

Q & A: Which single school boundary is the best?

This blog-post is a continuation of the Q&A series.

I was asked the following question by Lalit R. (thanks, Lalit!)

Q1. Whats a commuter friendly neighborhood that has primary and secondary schools with 9+ scores and still accessible to downtown TO via public transportation

It’s not surprising that I get asked this a LOT. Mississauga is a HUGE City made up of a collection of neighborhoods – but not all of the neighborhoods are equal. Some have better access to transit, others have better access to retail, and others have access to fantastic schools.

Let’s get one thing straight….this is an extremely tough question to answer because, sometimes, “good neighborhood” doesn’t always have “good school”. And sometimes there can be both “good neighborhood” and “good school” but, the neighborhood may not be a good commuter-friendly commumity.

But, thankfully I think I have found the “perfect” solution for those looking for a commuter friendly neighborhood that has both solid Primary AND Secondary Schools, and has excellent access to transit.

So what is that neighborhood, you ask???




Let’s check out the map below…

Central Erin Mills

As you can see, there are a few amenities that are located all within a very, very short walking distance (We’re talking literally across the street!). I don’t think there is ANY other neighborhood in Mississauga that has access to this many thing’s (bar perhaps Square One…).

Why else do I recommend Central Erin Mills? Well, the question asked for a strong Elementary AND Secondary School. Here are my recommendations on schools:

Credit Valley PS has always been there or there abouts. It’s always had strong performance numbers. The following table shows the latest EQAO results for the school:

Credit Valley Primary Division

As you can see, the numbers are VERY strong.

John Fraser has been one of the best performing Secondary Schools in Mississauga for a long time. Yes, it has slipped slightly with the very latest numbers but that does not mean it’s a bad school. Far from it. It’s still an excellent school with a fantastic reputation.

Whilst it’s not “9+”, the latest Fraser Institute numbers gives the school a solid FI score of 7.8/10.0 – this places the school in 5th place in Mississuaga – again, I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on this.

So there you have it! My recommendation on the best commuter-friendly neighborhood that has both excellent Elementary AND Secondary schools.

If you would like to receive listings from this neighborhood – more specifically, listings where your child can attend Credit Valley PS, OR John Fraser, fill in the form below!


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