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Mississauga’s Best Middle Schools

Mississauga’s Best Middle Schools

Mississauga's TOP 10 Middle Schools have been updated to reflect the current year. Simply fill in the form below to instantly receive your FREE TOP SCHOOLS REPORT!

You asked and you shall receive! I know it's been a long time coming so I apologize! Before I continue, a few disclaimers.

  • This information was obtained through the Peel District School Board, and the EQAO results that they provide. 
  • The data presented here is only from Grade 6
  • The percentage represents the number of children who have achieved levels 3,4 in each of the major areas – Reading, Writing, Math.

So here it is folk's – after a few day's of collecting the data, analyzing the data, and presenting it to you in this wonderful blog ūüėČ

Bristol Road Middle School 69.0% 71.0% 54.0% 194.00%
Camilla Road Senior Public School 61.0% 71.0% 58.0% 190.00%
Cheyne Middle School 64.0% 68.0% 54.0% 186.00%
Centennial Snr. Public School 65.0% 69.0% 51.0% 185.00%
Darcel Ave. Snr. Public School 57.0% 57.0% 27.0% 141.00%
David Leeder Middle School 78.0% 79.0% 74.0% 231.00%
Dolphin Senior Public School 74.0% 74.0% 61.0% 209.00%
Edenwood Middle School N/A N/A N/A N/A
Erin Centre Middle School 80.0% 84.0% 67.0% 231.00%
Erin Mills Middle School 59.0% 55.0% 33.0% 147.00%
Fallingbrook Middle School 75.0% 74.0% 59.0% 208.00%
Fairwind Senior Public School 80.0% 80.0% 68.0% 228.00%
Glenhaven Snr. Public School 67.0% 59.0% 55.0% 181.00%
Green Glade Snr. Public School 80.0% 73.0% 57.0% 210.00%
Hazel McCallion Senior P.S. 77.0% 82.0% 73.0% 232.00%
Hillcrest Middle School 89.0% 90.0% 72.0% 251.00%
Hillside Snr. Public School 58.0% 52.0% 47.0% 157.00%
Homelands Sr. Public School N/A N/A N/A N/A
Lisgar Middle School 76.0% 80.0% 65.0% 221.00%
Morning Star Middle School 55.0% 63.0% 56.0% 174.00%
Queen Elizabeth Snr. P.S. N/A N/A N/A N/A
Ruth Thompson Middle School 71.0% 78.0% 68.0% 217.00%
Thomas Street Middle School 75.0% 74.0% 68.0% 217.00%
Tomken Road Middle School 87.0% 86.0% 79.0% 252.00%
Valleys Snr. Public School 63.0% 67.0% 52.0% 182.00%

As you can see, Tomken Road Middle School has performed really well, closely followed by Hillcrest Middle School. There are a couple of schools here – namely Homelands Senior, and Queen Elizabeth Snr. whom do not have any posted information. The reason for this is because these schools only have Grades 7 and 8.

A couple of thing's to remember, readers:

  • Middle School is only 2-3 years of schooling.
  • Many Elementary Schools feed into one Middle School – which is why it's always tricky to show consistent high numbers.

I would not base my purchase based on Middle School ratings — a prime example is John Fraser Secondary School was possibly the best Secondary School in Mississauga (as rated by the Fraser Institute). The feeder Middle School to John Fraser Secondary is Thomas Street Middle – and according to the numbers shown above, it's an average Middle School.

If you would like to receive a complete school report, complete the form below!!

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In 1982 a couple had a child that was kept in hospital until he was given the all-clear to go home. As soon as it was given, these parents promptly escaped from a maximum security hospital to the Nottingham (England) underground. Today, Amit is wanted for his expertise in real estate within top school boundaries. Suffering through a recession 2008, Amit survives as a Realtor of fortune. If you have a problem, and if no one else can help, maybe you can hire Amit Bhandari.


  1. Please advise the best school to put my kids in grades 6th and grade 10th in Missuisaga.

  2. Hi Tasneem! Thank’s for the question – I will respond via e-mail :)

  3. Hi Amit! Please advice me a few top best middle schools in mississauga for my son who is in grade 6. thanks Jyoti

  4. Hi Jyoti!

    I have actually done a blog post on the “top middle schools” but I wouldn’t concentrate on the Middle Schools as much as the Secondary School. Your child will be attending Middle for possibly 2-years and then Secondary. Which school does your child currently attend?


  5. Hi,

    So glad to read this blog!. My daughter goes to Tomken M.S. It’s an awesome school and we love it. Not surprised to see that it is the top one. Excellent staff and principal


  6. Hi Naveen!

    Welcome to the site and glad you liked my post! :)


    how r u? i have two son .one is grade 6 and one is grade 3. i have planning to moving. what are the best area of the school.plz let me know.thanks.

  8. Hi Azra,

    Great question – the answer is very different from parent-to-parent. I shall answer in greater detail via e-mail.


  9. Hi Amit,
    I put my son grade 7 in St Rose of Lima catholic school, Is it on of top Middle school in Mississauga? Please advise.

  10. Hi there!

    Yes, it’s an excellent school – according to the FI score, it’s an extremely impressive 9.4/10.0!

    Great choice.


  11. I read ur blog and you have provided a very useful information .Thanks for it.

  12. Hello Amit,
    I would like to know a few details,I will be moving to Mississauga by the end of Jan from Winnipeg and was looking for an Apt in Applewood.After reading your blog we have come to a decision that our son who is studying in grade 7 in Winnipeg will be attending Tomken Road Middle school.But there are not many choices for Aptartmnts in Applewood .There are Apts at Applewood towers but for the price that they are offering ,no A/c and Dishwasher is provided.Could you please help me with this.

  13. Hi there!

    You will love it here. I will have a team-member contact you.


  14. I am a new comer in mississauga e 2 girls student of grade 7 & 8 On weekends they have to go al huda at 5671 mc adam street . Right now my finances are low where can I rent a 1 bedroom basement close to mc adam street and a good middle school.By spring I will be getting finances from back home then I want to purchase a house nearby. Please advise me

  15. please tell me of a one bedroom basement apartment near 5671 mcadams rd and a good middle school.

  16. Hi Fatima I work with Amit please feel free to contact myself or Amit via direct email. We will do our best to help you.

  17. Hi Amit,
    I want to know if any houses are availble near Tomken Middle School. I am looking for a detached house in this area. Are the houses too old in this area? what are the choices available. My son will be going to Middle School in September? Please help me with the details.
    Sangram S.

  18. Hi Amit,
    Do you have laetest report of elementary and middle school? Because schools ranking changes every year. So i will move to that area which is near good school.

  19. Hi Vibha the brand new results are in we are working to implement them on the sight very shortly. Allot of interesting info.

  20. Hi Amit
    I am moving to Canada along withmy family in first week of May 2012. We have shortlisted Missisauga to live in. I need advice from you on two fronts (1) My daughter is going to be in 6th Grade as per indian board so which grade she will get in there now in Canada? She is born on Dec 18, 2000 (2) Which are the top three schools (I think junior high school what it is called there) as we will focus to get accomodation accordingly?
    Thanks in advance for your help

  21. Hi Poonam,

    I work with Amit and it would be my pleasure to assist you finding a suitable property in the Mississauga area. When considering schools in Mississauga we place higher significance on elementary and secondary schools as they are in terms of years much longer than the short 3 year middle school experience (Please note that some area’s in Mississauga have Elementary schools that go up to grade 6). As such we would have a meeting over the phone or in person to asses your long term and short term goals. If you plan on staying in an area for longer than 5 years then your main consideration should be top highschools in the area as finding real estate in the best school districts is difficult constant moving around is not advisable. Your daughter would be placed in Grade 6 in Canada although if you wish to place her in grade 7 based on her skill the school level administration would help you with that. We need to tailor a strategy that takes into account REAL ESTATE in Mississauga and the TOP SCHOOLS matching them with your LIFESTYLE requirements I will be messaging you to setup a brief telephone or video conferencing meeting.

  22. hello Amit
    we are moving to missisuaga sometimes in June or July from North Carolina , US. My son goes to grade 7 here. So we are looking for grade 8. After researching so much on the net , I figured there is not much attention on middle school here. The standard of education is really good here. I don't here the same about public schools in Canada. I am looking for a school that will be challanging academically public or private. Accordingly we will look for a home near the school . 
    can you help us in finding a good school and an area for finding a home.

  23. plz help me to find rental by tomken middle school and which school is good for elementry thanks

  24. Hi Shama, 

    Thanks for reaching out to us. Please check your email for my detailed response.

  25. Katherine Broadbent

    Hi There,
    I have 4 kids, and I am not hapy with the middle school or secondary schools that my elementary school feeds into. I was wondering what other schools in my area there are and how they rank in terms of education. 

  26. Hi Katherine, 

    Thanks for reaching out to us. I’ll send you an email personally, so that you can tell me the area you live in and we can go about answering your question.

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