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Mississauga’s Best Elementary Schools – with a twist

Mississauga’s Best Elementary Schools – with a twist

Mississauga's TOP 10 Elementary Schools have been updated to reflect the current year. Simply fill in the form below to instantly receive your FREE TOP SCHOOLS REPORT!

I have been asked by a few people which school has done consistently well with their EQAO and Fraser Institute rankings. I figured why not put together a blog and a very interesting table to show you exactly that.

What I am going to provide is a list of schools in Mississauga along-with their current Fraser Institute (FI) rank. At the same time I will provide the average FI rank in the last 5 years in-order to give you a bigger picture. What might be ranked 2nd this year, may not be ranked 2nd given its average scores.

So here we go!

Kenollie Public School 9.4 8.8 1
Tecumseh Public School 8.8 7.5 5
Ellengale Public School 8.6 7.3 7
Hawthorn Public School 8.3 8.6 2
Sheridan Park Public School 7.8 7.9 4
Plum Tree Park Public School 7.6 8.3 3
Sawmill Valley Public School 7.5 7.2 8
Hillcrest Public School 7.3 N/A 16
Oakridge Public School 7.1 5.7 14
Floradale Public School 7.0 6.8 9
Mineola Public School 6.7 7.9 4
Shelter Bay Public School 6.7 5.2 15
McBridge Avenue Public School 6.6 6.7 10*
Settler's Green Public School 6.6 6.3 12
Springfield Public School 6.6 5.9 13
Thorn Lodge Public School 6.4 7.4 6
Cashmere Public School 6.3 6.4 11
Miller's Grove Public School 6.1 6.7 10*

*Joint 10th

As you can see, Kenollie Public School ranked the best elementary in Mississauga, closely followed by Hawthorn Public School, Plum Tree Park Public School is third, Sheridan Park Public School and Mineola Public School rank jointly at fourth, and Tecumseh Public School ranks fifth.

Rather than looking at FI ranks every year, does it make more sense to look at a 5-year average? Do we get a better picture with this rank over the yearly change we are seeing? I think so. This provides you a good snapshot. Statistically speaking, what better way to judge how something will perform than how it has been performing in the past.

I'd love to get your thoughts on this – what is your way of gauging? Yearly ranks? Average score ranks?

If you are considering moving, now would be a good time to start preparing. If you would like to receive a COMPLETE analysis of the schools, fill out the form below to receive our FREE report!

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  2. Hi zeshan, thanks for your prompt response, seriously I have no idea till now which place in missisaga we r going to live in, we want a good nice neighborhood with a good school I guess just like everyone ,, about the lease no idea as we checked they said around 1500 -1800 ? How can I search for the residence Shall i tell the agent near that school area ? And then I’ll book appointment with the school or how ? Thanks for your great help

  3. Hi Noor we are a team of Real Estate agents dedicated to finding our clients properties in the best school districts. Most agents do not have a clue we provide school data because it is one the major reasons buyers or renters have buyers remorse. We also help you select the most ideal neighborhood and negotiate the best possible contract that is in your best interest.

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  7. Hello, I have a 5 year old who goes to a private school currently. In about a year we would like him to attend public school. I was hoping you could if you could provide some insight into rental availabilities in the top 5 elementary school districts. It would help if the middle schools in these areas were also well ranked. Thanks -Shruti

  8. Hi Shruti,

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