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Best schools in one boundary?

So which is the best schools in one single boundary? I have been asked this question by so many people. Now, obviously with the top 10 ranking's it's hard to suggest because each elementary school is ranked individually, and so are the secondary schools. HOWEVER, for me the single boundary with the best schools has to be the Streetsville Family. 

View Vista Heights Boundary in a larger map

Elementary School Vista Heights Public School 8.5 A A Streetsville
Middle School Dolphin Senior Public School N/A B B- Streetsville
Secondary School Streetsville Secondary School 7.3 A+ D+ Streetsville

Vista Heights is ranked #2 by the Fraser Institute in Mississauga. That's a hefty ranking! The middle school, Dolphin Senior is currently not ranked, but the secondary school, Streetsville Secondary is ranked #8. 

View Streetsville in a larger map

If you take it further than just the schools, the area itself is filled with fantastic amenities and good access to highways, shopping, parks and recreation facilities. It's also very attractive due to it's proximity to the Creditvalley Hospital and Erin Mills Town Centre (Shopping Mall). The housing around Vista Heights is a mix of bungalows, townhomes, semi's and detached properties. The average price is in the mid-$400's making it comparatively more attractive.

Other areas to strongly consider are:

  • Kenollie Public School: Kenollie is ranked #1 in Mississauga by the Fraser Institute. Located in the South part of Mississauga, it's surrounded by beautiful, mature tree-lines and larger, more luxurious properties. It also has excellent access to the QEW, Port Credit/Lake Ontario, parks and recreation facilities.
  • Hawthorn Public School: This school is ranked #4 but has a solid combination of good elementary and secondary schools. The properties are also more affordable than both the Kenollie and Mineola district.
  • Mineola Public School: This school is ranked #6 by the Fraser Institute and is in close proximity to Kenollie Public School and shares many of the amenities close-by.

At the end of the day, it really boils down to the budget. If you have not been pre-approved as yet I highly recommend doing so.

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  1. Hi!

    Info is really useful. Thanks!

    What do u think about selecting Erin Mill for elementary and secondary schools?

  2. Hi Mohammad,

    I am glad you have found the information useful! Erin Mills has some good schools, as well. The secondary school, John Fraser is ranked very highly – it’s best secondary school in Mississauga.


  3. hi amit ,
    can u please guide which is the best elementary school in erins mills,what is its ranking ,kindly can u also give us a new ranking list of 2010 …….how can i get the ranking of the best middle schools ….as i noticed that most of the schools are till grade 6 only and secondary schools starts at grade 9/10 ………what is ur opinion about howthorn elementary school……….can u plz send me the latest boundaries of vista /plum tree park/howthorn public elementary school….i will appreciate ur help……

  4. …………i mean the new ranking list of 2011………………

  5. Hi there!!

    Thanks for your questions – I will respond via email!

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