Monday , 19 February 2018
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Our November Toronto Condo Investment Hotlist


Every fall there is always a whole host of brand new developments and this November is no different – we have some excellent projects to share with you – below is our hotlist: RECENTLY LAUNCHED – Now available for Platinum VIP Clients 1. Daniels Waterfront Condos Developer: Daniels Neighbourhood: Waterfront Major Intersection: Jarvis & Queens Quay Current Status: Platinum VIP ... Read More »

This week in Toronto’s Condo Scene

Toronto’s pre-construction scene is incredibly fast-paced and when you’re responsible for a database of upto 800 projects it’s really easy for thing’s to get lost! So what we wanted to do was give you snapshot of major developments and updates on new projects. New Launches Scala Condos Located in North York, this is Tridel’s latest project in the ever-popular Bayview ... Read More »

Q & A: Five Questions To Ask A Seller & Listing Agent

listing agent questions

Q: What questions should I expect my real estate agent to ask the seller and listing agent? –Mohammed J. A: That’s a fantastic question and one all buyers should understand. First, if you’ve done your homework, interviewed and chosen the right realtor, and protected yourself with a Buyer’s Representation Agreement, then you should feel pretty secure in the fact that ... Read More »

[GUEST POST] Mortgages for new comers


The following is a guest post by Christopher Molder – A Specialist Mortgage Broker based out of Toronto – for more information on Chris Molder, and his brokerage please visit: Mississauga is an especially popular city for new Canadians to put down their roots. And if you are like most newcomers to Canada buying a home will be a ... Read More »

Q & A: Pre-Construction Condos & Deposit Structures

streetsville residences

Q: For pre-construction condo purchases, what is the typical payment schedule like?                                                                                                 ... Read More »

Q & A: Torn up sidewalks


I received this REALLY interesting question from a visitor: Sidewalks- just noticed that the houses on the streets near my current home with sidewalks are being torn up by the City for some water pipe maintenance/repair. If you had interlock and the City has to do repairs, who pays the cost for repairing it to the original state? Since it ... Read More »

Q & A: Land Transfer Taxes

land transfer tax

This edition’s question comes from Gaetano in Brampton: Q: How do land transfer taxes work? How much and who pays? In Ontario, the Land Transfer Tax is the responsibility of the buyer. It will be paid for as part of your closing costs before you take possession of your new home. The Land Transfer Tax is variable and depends upon ... Read More »

Q & A: Which single school boundary is the best?


This blog-post is a continuation of the Q&A series. I was asked the following question by Lalit R. (thanks, Lalit!) Q1. Whats a commuter friendly neighborhood that has primary and secondary schools with 9+ scores and still accessible to downtown TO via public transportation It’s not surprising that I get asked this a LOT. Mississauga is a HUGE City made ... Read More »

Q & A: New Homes V.S. Resale – What to do?


A few weeks ago I had asked my visitors to provide me with some of their top real-estate related questions. During the next few weeks I shall be going through all of them and providing you with my thoughts and impressions. So here goes! The first question that came to me was the following: What are the pros and cons ... Read More »



HOT condos by Great Gulf has been a huge success. And to be fair it was no surprise. First of all, Great Gulf is an awesome builder with a huge reputation and so you can only expect the very best in quality. Second, the location (Central Erin Mills) is spectacular with TONNES of amenities and services all within a short ... Read More »

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